Allen Wynn


Allen Wynn's archetypal sculptures call up personal associations from allwho see them. These figures may represent any kind of person, anywhere in"the world, because the artist has freed them from extraneous detail and has stated their meaning in the simplest terms. Allen has taken his impressions from earliest child through very recent experience and has interpreted them in a universal language.

Allen's tough and graceful sculptures represent the inner beings of working people that he has known throughout his life. They are usually women, sometimes accompanied by a child whose role is that of a clear-eyed observer. Occasionally he will add a bird or fish, not as an overt symbol but as a simple evocative of a rural existence. The figures are reserved yet accessible, their train of thought reinforced by gestures as simple as the turn of a head or the position of an arm. Their emotions are contained within themselves.

Allen Wynn was born on August 1st, 1951, on a rural working farm. "lt was way out, away from anything, with vast corn fields and cattle. I had no friends; there were no children around, so all of my playmates were farm animals. The women in my work are inspired from the working, women on the area farms and our own farm, of course. I connect with the women in my work; they had a very strong influence in my childhood.

Allen Wynn's Sculpture is in worthy collections from coast to coast: Hawaii, Canada, Great Britain, lsrael, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Florida, New Mexico, and Arizona


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